Equiflex Orthotics


Full Length Equiflex Orthotics are great for treating Arch pain, Forefoot pain, Recurrent ankle sprain, Ankle pain, Archilles tendon pain and lower back pain. Off the shelf orthortics providing support to your feet arches.

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Control of pronation or supination through a unique integrated posting system for the high arch foot.

Adjustability: medial and lateral rearfoot and forefoot posts, medial and lateral heel elevators.

Foot orthotics can be helpful for plantarfascitis, achilles tendinopathy, calf tears, foot and toe pain. Foot orthotics should be slowly introduced, wearing for 2 – 4 hours initially, then slowly increased as your feet adjust to the new foot position. They should fit in runners with the insert removed.
If you need foot orthotics, consider archline slippers and archline ugg boots for winter and archies thongs for summer.

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