ACL Injury

ACL Injury Group Rehab

Goodlife Physio is not only here to diagnose your injuries and symptoms. We are committed to following through with you until YOUR goals are achieved. An example of this is our Advanced ACL rehabilitation group.

Unfortunately an ACL rupture and reconstruction or conservative management can be a 10-12 month rehabilitation process. Initially goals are easy to see reducing swelling, pain and walking without crutches. However in the middle months when walking and even running is achievable to the individual, hard to stay motivate to continue strengthening and conditioning.

Weekly Attention for You

At Goodlife Physio we offer a weekly advanced group for ACL injuries, which aims at improving agility, speed and change of direction. Focusing on hopping/skipping/running (correctly with good bio-mechanics) to rehabilitate from an ACL injury as best as you can.

Helping you to Stay Focused

This advanced form of rehabilitation for ACL injuries keeps clients focused, motivated and on track. Reducing the risk of re-rupture and other injuries resulting from poor strength and poor bio-mechanics.

Classes run for 45 mins and are taken by a qualified physiotherapist with post grad accreditations in Sports Physiotherapy.