Women’s Health

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Joelene has a passion for helping women of all ages in the discipline of Women’s Health.

Pregnancy Physio & Pilates

Are you pregnant?

We are experts at keeping you fit and preparing you for an active Labour and birth at Goodlife Physio. We offer Pregnancy Pilates tailored to your fitness level and your goals. Pregnancy is a time to be celebrated and enjoyed. Most pain during pregnancy is from reduced activity in the first trimester. Staying active in your pregnancy is going to help your mental healthsleep and well-being, we are here to help you achieve that.

Postnatal Physio & Pilates

After you have your baby, we can assist you with your recovery. At 6 weeks you are usually safe to start exercise, at this point we can assess your ability of your pelvic floor and whole body and your readiness to return to exercise. Depending on your goals and previous fitness level, we can guide you through your postnatal recovery. Do you want to run, return to sport, or keep up with your kids? We can help you achieve that while keeping your pelvic floor intact and avoiding leaking or causing damage long term.


Do you leak when you cough, sneeze, run or laugh? That’s no way to live, in most cases Pelvic floor strengthening and modifying your bladder habits can help and you can be dry! It is not normal to wear pads. This will change your life! Imagine not researching where toilets are before you head out! The question is: are you doing pelvic floor exercises correctly? That is where we can help you to do the right exercises and be most effective in reducing leaking.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Do you have an aching back, pelvic pain, or things just don’t feel right? Joelene is trained to assess your pelvic floor, diagnose prolapse and advise on the best management. Management may include a pessary to support the prolapse. This is an excellent conservative option for some people to avoid surgery, regain function and quality of life, while you strengthen your pelvic floor and allow your pelvic ligaments to tighten.

Pelvic Pain syndromes

Pain is a complex issue. In most cases pelvic pain has been an issue for a long time. There are many causes, and equally many options for treatment. Some management options are dilator therapy, TENS & relaxation. If you have pain and have not seen an experienced Women’s Health Physio, now is the time.

How Physiotherapy helps

Pelvic girdle pain & back pain in pregnancy is very common and can be managed by Physiotherapy. We can assess your injury and advise on the best management, sometimes with a support belt, exercises and manual therapy.